Country Report

ICE’s Detailed Country Report

If you are uncertain of where to start when going into a new country or if you are doing business abroad for the first time, ICE can provide you with a detailed country report to support your initiative from the very beginning. We will explain aspects of doing business in a given territory that matter to you and your business model. ICE can develop a country report, adapted to suit your needs, and cover the areas that will enable you to structure your operations correctly.

For those looking into setting up an entity, we will create a document that can include a description of possible business structures, associated required licences and the main aspects of corporate taxation. The report will also cover the different types of contractor engagement, a summary of the main rules governing local employment as well as benefits and employment costs.

Our country report can be used as a reference for compliance professionals, for those responsible for MSP programmes and for those implementing and managing of workforce solutions in a specific territory. You can also use our report as an education and training tool for teams working with international projects for the first time or those with more experience but wanting to increment their knowledge.

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